Meet The Pastor - Reverend Robert Beinke

I am a Midwesterner, having grown up in Cincinnati, Ohio, at Christ Lutheran (LCMS). My college studies began at the University of Cincinnati, studying Mechanical Engineering, but after three years (and straight C's in 20 credit hours of Calculus), I was led by the Lord to study for the Holy Ministry. I finished my college studies at Concordia College in Ann Arbor, MI, graduating in 1982, and entered Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN. In 1984 the Lord brought me to New England, first as a Vicar at St. Luke's in Dedham, MA. During my vicarage I met my wife, Lorayne. We were married in May of 1986 and have been blessed by God with three children: Elisabeth (b. 1987, married in 2013), Catherine (b. 1988, in graduate school in Boston), and Kristina (b. 1989, in graduate school in Scotland). After graduating in 1986 from the Seminary I was installed as Pastor at Our Savior in Londonderry, NH. I served at Our Savior from 1986 - 1994, and have been Pastor here at St. Peter since August, 1994. Thus, I have been in New England since the mid '80's, but ask any native New Englander and they'll tell you that this does not yet make me a New Englander!

In 1995 we began celebrating Holy Communion in both Services every Sunday. As this Sacrament is the most wonderful gift of the body and blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins – which as sinners, we constantly need! – this is indeed a great blessing to the congregation.

Since 2002 I have been involved in visiting monthly several inmates at several prisons in CT. This has proven to be a great blessing to myself and the congregation, as well as to these men. I am also involved in Chaplaincy work with law enforcement. In 2005 I was sworn in as a Chaplain to the Norwalk Police Department, and I regularly ride along with officers. This gives me greater opportunity to reach out into the community, as well as to our police officers, with the love of Christ. In 2013 I was also appointed a Chaplain with the State Police and assigned to the Bridgeport barracks.

To serve our Lord as a Pastor in His Church is truly a humbling and awesome responsibility. If this work were dependent upon the skills and wisdom of myself or any Pastor, we would be lost. I give thanks to God for the promise of Jesus, that as His Pastors baptize people into the Name of the Triune God and teach them all things that He has commanded, He is with us always and will make His disciples. To Christ, our Teacher, Good Shepherd, and Savior, be the glory!