Pastor, Staff and Organization

The staff at St. Peter is arranged to facilitate the mission of The Church both on a corporate and a personal level. Should you have pastoral needs;  counseling, prayer, baptism, visitation or other questions feel free to call the church office and speak to the Pastor. If you are interested in being a part of  the choir, Sunday School, a youth group or serving in any capacity, contact the appropriate person listed in this directory or the church office. We are  available to serve your needs and encourage your service on God's family. 

Programs and Opportunities for Service

  • Lutheran Women's Missionary League
  • Choir
  • Vocal Soloists & Instrumentalists
  • Chancel Guild
  • Building Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Greeters
  • Ushers
  • Nursery
  • Caring Ministry
  • Tape Ministry
  • Sunday Morning Refreshments
  • Voters Assembly Refreshments
  • Advent and Lenten midweek dinners
  • Junior Youth Group
  • Senior Youth Group
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Acolyte
  • Thanksgiving Food Collection
  • Nursing Home Service

The Church Council

 The Council is composed of all the Board Chairpersons along with the Officers of the Congregation and Pastor. The Pastor is the servant to Christ and God's people. The President and Officers of the Congregation are servants of the Voter's Assembly. The Council's primary function is to serve the Boards in carrying out their tasks as defined by the constitution. The Council does planning, receives reports and acts on emergencies in behalf of the Voters. It is not an authoritative group over the Boards. All Boards are directly accountable to the Voter's Assembly.

Christian Education

 The Board of Christian Education assists the pastor in the development and supervision of all Christian education activities; including Sunday School, Confirmation, Adult Instruction, Youth Groups, Vacation Bible School and Adult Bible Study. They recruit candidates for administrative and teaching positions and are concerned about the spiritual, emotional and physical health and welfare of the Christian Educational staff. They maintain a roll of each child's participation level and seek to encourage the less active.


 The Deacons maintain good order and Christian customs during divine services by providing and supervising sufficiently trained ushers and acolytes for each service. They see that all necessary supplies for serving the sacraments and conducting worship services are on hand. The Deacons are responsible for the choirs, organists, director of music and altar guild.


 The Elders ensure that the doctrine and confessional standards of the Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod are preserved. They assist and counsel the pastor on caring for the spiritual welfare of the congregation, individually and corporately. They watch over the membership, and assist the pastor in ministering to those who have become delinquent or inactive. They shall invite and encourage active and new members to partake in the programs of the church and its societies. The board seeks new areas and methods for mission expansion and encourages others in the congregation to take part in this work.


 This board is responsible for promoting an evangelical (Gospel based) spirit within the congregation. They plan programs that will aidthe congregation in carrying the Gospel to the community and employ the various modern means available in the area of communication to spread the Gospel and publicize the activities of the congregation. They arrange for the maintenance of files in order to keep an evangelism program active, and actively seek to integrate new members into the life and work of the church.


 The Stewardship Board educates the congregation in the principles of Christian stewardship and encourages the practice of joyous, worshipful, liberal, proportionate, firstfruits giving of time, talent and treasure. They provide a system of offering envelopes that encourages regular, systematic giving. They provide opportunities for the development of specific talents through workshops or training, and educate new members in the opportunities for service. They inform the members of the opportunities to expand their outreach into all the world through the cooperative efforts of congregations in the District and Synod.


 The Trustees have custody and control of all real personal property of the congregation and see that it is properly maintained, repaired and insured. The Trustees oversee all legal contracts and supervise the work of all church employees involved in the maintenance and upkeep of the church. They arrange for immediate repairs of and urgent nature, as well as all normal repairs and alterations for which budget funds have been allocated.

Chancel Guild

 The Chancel Guild is responsible for assuring that the altar and the chancel area are properly prepared for each worship service. This includes preparing and setting out the communion ware, care and changing of the paraments, altar flower scheduling, etc.